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All about HMA

About HMA

The Hanford Music Association (HMA) is the Hanford High School music boosters organization. As a music parent, you are automatically a music booster. The HMA has three goals:

  • to arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in all parts of the music programs at HHS;
  • to lend all possible moral and financial support to the music programs at HHS, to provide social and other programs and awards for band personnel; and,
  • to cooperate with those in charge of the music department, administration, and school board and participate in the decision-making process establishing school policy.

Donation/Non-profit status

Hanford Music Association is a 501(c)3 and can be designated as your United Way recipient if you want to make a donation to the organization. Our address is “Hanford Music Association” c/o Hanford High School, 450 Hanford St., Richland, WA 99354



The Hanford Music Association offers scholarships for music expenses beyond the school fees (e.g. trip to state).

  • The maximum scholarship to be awarded for the year per student is $100.00.
  • No payments are made to individuals; scholarships are paid to the organization and only after the student has paid his/her portion of the fees.
  • Scholarships may be student or teacher initiated.
  • Scholarships awarded only to students whose HHS music accounts (RSD) are current.
  • Parents and students both required to sign scholarship guidelines & application.


Occasionally you may need an accompanist for a competition or event. The following have indicated an interest and willingness to work with our musicians. Please arrange accompaniment, practice time and payment individually. Please contact to be included on this list.

  • Cathy Exharos, professional accompanist. Note, Cathy Exharos has also offered to work with student accompanists and instrumentalists to pass along the “tricks of the trade.”
  • Ben Fowler, 440-1711,, professional accompanist. Note Ben Fowler is also happy to work with any student accompanists and their collaborative partners in preparation for solo and ensemble etc.
  • Holly Harty, 943-5436, professional accompanist
  • Adam Muhlestein

Music-Parent Guide

RSD Policies:

  • 2152 Interscholastic Activities Participation
  • 3244 Student Off-Campus School Sponsored Events
  • 4323 Community Relations-Public Performances
  • 8123 Noninstructional Operations: Student Conduct on Buses