HHS Drama (supported by HHS Music) Presents “Thoroughly Modern Millie” Jan 30-31, Feb 4,6,7

Hanford High School Center Stage presents Thoroughly Modern Millie on January 30-31, February 4, 6 & 7, 7:30 pm, in the auditorium. The fast-paced humorous musical tells the story of a young woman from Kansas who moves to New York City in 1922 to discover her place in the world.

Reserved seat tickets are $10 & $12 and are available at: the HHS Black Box foyer, M-F, 3:00 to 5:00 pm, and Adventures Underground bookstore during business hours.

Hanford Guest Artist concert: Jeff Coffin Feb 27 & 28

Saxophone player Jeff Coffin will perform with the Hanford jazz bands at concerts on February 27 and 28. Both concerts will be at 7pm in the Hanford HS auditorium.

Enterprise MS jazz band will share the stage on Feb 27 and Carmichael MS jazz band on Feb 28.

Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased at Ted Brown Music, Adventures Underground, or from a Hanford music student.


Coca Cola Fundraiser is On!

vintage_coke_sign_by_kidx70811-d73ckc4Coca Cola fundraiser orders are due Monday January 26 2015.

The order forms went home with students. They are also on CHARMS in the fundraiser folder.

Students will earn $4-$8 per case sold (depends on total number of cases sold by the group).

This is an excellent deal for soda drinkers–only 83 cents a bottle!

Checks should be made out to “RSD.” Students must turn the money in to the school bookkeeper and staple the receipt to the form before submitting it.

The pop will arrive in early- to mid-February. We need lots of strong backs and hand trucks to arrange it on the day/evening that it arrives, then distribute it to cars the next day. An email will go out when the dates are firmed up.

For more information, or to volunteer to help, contact Dawn and Don Salyer.  Email to don8671@msn.com  or text 205-7005.

HHS Musicians Earn Spots in Honor Bands

Thirteen  Hanford High School music students have been selected to perform in the 2014-15 All-Northwest and All-State Bands, Orchestras and Choirs. Congratulations to all of these outstanding musicians!

All-Northwest Jazz Band
Jon Black, Alto Saxophone, Hanford High School
All-Northwest Orchestra
Diana Wang, Violin, Hanford High School
Nathan Salyer, Tuba, Hanford High School
All-Northwest Jazz Choir
Simon Hampton, Drums, Hanford High School

All-Northwest Treble Choir
Katherine Moon, Soprano, Hanford High School

All-State Concert Band
Libby Allen, Bassoon, Hanford High School
Elisa Apra, Clarinet, Hanford High School
Kyle Caldwell, Percussion, Hanford High School
Hailey Cleavenger, Oboe, Hanford High School
Maggie Jackson, Bass Clarinet, Hanford High School
Valarie Milbrath, French Horn, Hanford High School

All-State Symphonic Choir
Devin Dugan, Tenor, Hanford High School
Avonlea Gervais, Alto, Hanford High School

Band Concert Date Changed from Nov 18 to Nov 25

Letter from Mr Swisher

This letter serves to bring you updates to the HHS band calendar due to recent changes to the concert schedule.  The concert previously scheduled for November 18th featuring the HHS Wind Ensemble and HHS Orchestra will be joined with the HHS Concert Band and Symphonic Band Concert on November 25th.  We apologize for the change in our calendar this late in the season, however, were notified just recently of a conflict in the auditorium which necessitates our change.

Richland School District (RSD) facilities may be rented by “outside” organizations once RSD events are scheduled for the year.  An outside organization has rented the HHS Auditorium throughout the month of November.  They are running a large scale musical production with large sets and a full pit orchestra.  This requires them to have the pit cover off.  The organization did schedule their events around our concert calendar and facilities reservations, but no one foresaw their enormous sets being on stage or the pit being uncovered.  It will be impossible for us to perform a concert in the HHS auditorium with the sets on stage and the pit uncovered.

Unfortunately, we were notified of this outside organization’s rental too late and were unable to make any changes.  Therefore, Mr. Newbury and I, with the assistance of Mr. Leggett and HHS administration, have decided that it is in the best interest of our program to join our two concerts in one evening.  The concert on November 25th will feature all four of our large performing ensembles (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra) who will play their full set of literature.

We realize that this may cause our families to have scheduling difficulties, but sincerely apologize.  Mr. Leggett and the HHS Music Staff have devised a plan to help ensure this does not happen in the future.  Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please contact me via email at Kevin.swisher@rsd.edu.